About Us

CFDs.com Pro is the trading name of CFDs.com LLP

Launched in 2001, CFDs.com has been at the heart of spread and CFD trading industry ever since.

From 2001 to 2008 CFDs.com specialised in advising both traders and institutional partners on which brokers could best service their trading needs.

In 2008, CFDs.com became the first UK firm to focus and specialise on FIX API technology, order routing and trade automation.  To this day we are the market leaders in this field.

In 2010 we were joined by Tim Morris a leading partners and FIX specialist, who having joined the fledgling IG Markets back in 2001 as their institutional salesman from Bank of New York, went on to become Institutional Business Director overseeing the creation of products such as CFD SIPPs and the first spread betting FIX API solution.

Tim has an enormous depth of industry knowledge and over 15 years of specialising in working with partners and delivering product solutions to the industry.

In 2010 we launched the first trade automation platform for the industry, and today our CFDs Pro platform is the de-facto solution for any trader looking to connect third party systems to their trading account.

We offer a host of innovative products and solutions that will enhance any traders’ activities and maximise any partners’ potential.

TradeHub® is ayondo markets' brand new next generation trading platform - coming soon to iPhone and Android. TradeHub® uses the very latest HTML5 technology and has been purposely designed for people who are both new to trading as well as professional traders. TradeHub® allows clients to trade like institutional investors. By providing them with tools and resources previously only available to institutions, clients are able to take charge and manage their investments. From top institutional grade research to real time market news, clients are equipped with everything they need to meet their trading goals in one beautifully designed, elegant and easy-to-use platform. Created with no one but the client in mind, TradeHub® is intuitive enough for anyone to use. The entire trading experience has been streamlined and a platform created that is fully customisable to suit client trading needs as well as being rich with exciting features and tools.